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 We are two filmmakers that specialize in environmental and social justice films.   Our films strive to reveal how our natural world works and offer positive and proactive solutions for correcting environmental and social impacts.   As a watershed scientist and educator, Stephen Stanley has produced visual and print media to protect and restore ecosystems along the west coast.  As a cinematographer Scott Stanley has worked filming the ecosystems of the Galapagos, Vietnam, Greenland, Indonesia, Canada and California.

Meaningful Filmmaking


We work primarily with educators, scientists and non-profit environmental organizations in helping them improve the public's understanding of difficult environmental issues.   This has included "Whose Coast is It?" a film that examines how public access to California's coast is slowly being lost and why access to coastal open space is critical  to the health, welfare and development of our children.  

Telling Your Story


If you have a need to more effectively and widely convey your environmental  or social justice message, please consider contacting us.  After hearing what your project may entail we can offer suggestions on the best way to proceed.   If you wish we can even give you a quote for completing your project. 

About Us


Upcoming Film

We are currently working on a film, "There is No Planet B," that explores the role of young people in changing both the public's perception of climate change and what are the best "corrective" actions to undertake.


Successful Activism

The film documents the efforts of student activists to successfully obtain endorsement by the Seattle City Council of a "Green New Deal" plan to reduce the City's generation of greenhouse gases.


Identifies Practical Solutions

Most importantly, the film explores the key practical solutions that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gases on a large scale as well as examples of the implementation of these solutions.  

Whose Coast Is It?

Here is the trailer to our 2018 documentary on public access issue's along the coast of California.   The film is an official selection of the 2019 Catalina Film Festival.      

There Is No Planet B

This is the trailer for our upcoming film on Climate Change "There Is No Planet B"

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